Agile Project Management used by global companies, like GE and British Petroleum.

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By Chris Dunne

Just how nimble and quick was Jack Welch when he was at the helm of GE and SixAgile Project Management Sigma was throwing up a lot of objections over its ponderous methodology?

In fact, eons back, Business Week quotes Jack when he addressed a managerial group and was applauding the need for a “little bureaucracy” via Six Sigma to bring improvements to their manufacturing process.

“As for the concern over Six Sigma, Welch retorts: ”I don’t give a damn if we get a little bureaucracy as long as we get the results. If it bothers you, yell at it. Kick it. Scream at it. Break it!”

Today, according to a Rachael King report on, “GE Becomes More Agile,” it’s all about embracing the “iterative” approach to achieving innovative solutions in the arena of software applications—a good reason to use our IT Project Management team and their Agile Project Management experience.

As an example, the Agile methodology was applied GE’s Healthcare financial department’s need for a specific “business analytics.” Normally, the project time would’ve well been in the range of a “18-24 month time frame…using a more conventional approach” with the slew of vendor advice and traditional consultants weighing in.

Instead, and with the application of the Agile method, the “IT department…from start to finish…(completed it) in a year.” (The actual project involved extracting info from different entities within the department to make it executable by newer software.)

Globally, the success of the Agile method runs through organisations like “British Airways, NYSE Euronet and several agencies in the federal (U.S.) government.” The approach sits well with Richard Spires, CIO, of the Department of Homeland Security, and noted the agency is “adopting Agile because of the way it lowers risk and delivers capabilities in an incremental way.”

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