Choose an IT Project Manager to Boost Business Success

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An IT project manager takes on a crucial role within an organisation’s IT department. Taking on the task of coordinating services and personnel, ensuring secure data protection, training staff and providing ongoing computer software and hardware maintenance, the IT project manager has a hands-on role when aiding businesses in Ireland with their information technology needs.

In addition to these day-to-day tasks, an IT project manager must be able to plan ahead, foresee future challenges, troubleshoot on the go, and liaise with company management and staff personnel to ensure an open stream of communication throughout the process of implenting IT plans.

What can an IT project manager do for you?

An IT project manager can take the weight of difficult and technical decision making, and the responsibilities that come with those choices, off the shoulders of your organisation, leaving you time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

In addition to their strong IT and telecommunications backgrounds, an IT consultant from Daysha Consulting can bring their years of business expertise and project management experience to your IT project. They are highly skilled and regularly trained in the latest technological developments.

This combination of technical know-how and business management experience means your Daysha Consulting IT project manager is more than well equipped to deal with the needs of your IT project and deliver beyond your expectations.

 What services does an IT Project Manager provide?

Your IT consultant can simply offer assistance or completely manage the inititation, planning, execution, control and closeout of an IT project for your business; coordinating the project from beginning to end according to the brief.

Whether the project is the implementation of a computer support system, network infrastructure, communication devices, website set-up and support, or assistance with the storage, protection, conversion, transmission and secure retrieval of data, an IT project manager can help.

In addition, a consultant can arrange ongoing administration and support for your personnel and IT departments.

To find out more about how Daysha Consulting can help your business succeed with your next IT project give us a call on (01) 690 8070 or email us at

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