Cloud services boost IT recruitment in Ireland

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Since the 1990s IT recruitment has been a mainstay of employment in Ireland. This small country’s positioning as a giant in Information Technology has attracted many global technology enterprises who have opted to set up offices and data centres here. Big companies like Google, Microsoft and IBM all have bases in Ireland and many new start-ups are choosing to set up shop here. These enterprises are attracted to Ireland’s mix of talented staff, enterprising opportunities and strategic location.

For recruitment centres this means plenty of job opportunities continually become available for skilled IT professionals. One area in particular that is experiencing rapid employment growth is in the realm of cloud computing.

The Cloud, as it’s commonly known, is a Service as a Software (SaaS) solution which enables computer users to access documents normally stored on hardware storage devices through an online network over the internet. With data being stored and managed remotely, the Cloud offers users greater manageability and flexibility, and requires far less maintenance. With these benefits it’s easy to see why so many Irish business are looking to move their existing IT processes over to the Cloud.

What does this shift towards cloud computing mean for IT recruitment?

According to a Gartner report, the cloud computing market will be worth €207 billion worldwide by 2016. The IDC estimates that increased demand and spending on cloud services will generate nearly 14 million jobs worldwide by 2015.

More data centres are being constructed around Dublin and Galway with companies recruiting IT staff skilled in cloud infrastructure technologies – and a great many more opportunities are arising around software and platform development and systems set-up and maintenance.

Because many Irish business want to ‘get on the Cloud’ but don’t have the knowledge or time available to do it themselves, they are outsourcing this task to IT project management companies.

IT recruiters Daysha Consulting connect businesses with IT professionals that are skilled and experienced in managing projects in a cloud computing context. To speak to a member of our team about implementing cloud solutions in your business email Or if you are an IT job seeker get in touch with our IT recruitment department.

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