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Project Planning

The project planning tools used should enable a collaborative approach to planning. It is essential that all teams buy in to the plan and this starts with being informed and invited to participate.

Task Tracking

Once the plan is ready, its time to start executing. DevOps teams need tools that can track all types of work, technical and non-technical, and provide immediate and clear feedback to all team members.

Team Collaboration

Teams need to remain flexible and agile. Not everything can be planned or foreseen. Teams need to work with one another and help one another. This starts with being informed of the status of all activities and providing easy access to all relevant information.

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Atlassian JIRA can help with your project planning and tracking

JIRA & JIRA Software

JIRA and JIRA Software connect people, activities and tools to help you make great products, and deliver software faster, with better quality, and lower risk.

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Atlassian JIRA portfolio gives you a single view of all your project planning activity


HipChat helps your team work smarter and better together by making it easy to share ideas, updates, codes, and files in real-time through chat.

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Atlassian Confluence helps project planning teams collaborate

Confluence and Team Calendars

Confluence and the Team Calendars plugin allow you to share information and your calendars to keep all your team members fully informed.

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